Children from the green school committee busy checking to see if we are disposing of waste in the correct bins
All the boys and girls in Ms. Ryan’s room have made the move from single use plastic bottles to reusable bottles.
Well done all, you are helping the environment greatly.
Children from the Green School Committee busy sorting through the bins to see how we are doing at putting items into the correct bins.


This year we will be working towards achieving our first Green Flag.

Litter and Waste is the first theme of the Green- Schools programme. Thankfully we do not have a litter issue in our school but we will be working hard on trying to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill from our school and also looking at ways to reuse and recycle.

16g of waste per person, per day, was diverted from landfill by students in Green-Schools during the year 2016- the equivalent weight in total of 2618 polar bears!!

Together we can make a huge difference!